About The Census


The 2010 U.S. Religion Census book includes introductory material that covers many of the procedures used and problems encountered while compiling this collection.

Following the data tables, appendices explain the methodology used by the various groups included in the study. Appendix A includes basic data for all 236 groups. The additional appendices give further details on specific groups or methodologies.

  1. Religious Groups: Definitions, Procedures, and Comments (236 groups)
  2. Address lists
  3. African American Church Bodies
  4. Amish Groups
  5. Buddhist Groups
  6. Friends
  7. Hindu Groups
  8. Jewish Groups
  9. Muslim Estimate
  10. Non-denominational Christian Churches
  11. Online listings


Note: In an effort to better match the ASARB standards for adherents, a few religious bodies changed the way their adherents were reported in 2010. Amish groups, the Catholic Church, Friends groups, Jewish groups, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the United Methodist Church are known to have done so. While this makes comparisons between groups more appropriate in the 2010 study, it does affect comparisons between this and previous studies. Our own comparative maps note this, as do the online reports.

Our Promise To
Participating Groups

This study is not for marketing purposes; names and addresses of congregations are not collected or published. The study works with each participating group to ensure the group's accurate representation.

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